Frequently Asked Questions

How much is required for my deposit?

How many uplights will I need for my event?

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The amount of lights necessary for your event will depend on a few things, but mainly on the size of the venue you are trying to light. For most venues that hold 100-250 people we suggest 18 uplights, which will provide a full color wash around most rooms. *Please contact us for more details

We only require a 30% deposit to lock in your special day and then the final payment 14 days prior to your wedding or event.

What kind of lights do you use?

We use slim/wireless LED lights that are not only extremely energy efficient, but they are also custom made and cannot be compared to any others in the area. Our lights are extremely bright and offer extraordinary colors to set your wedding or special occasion apart from all other events.

How much time is needed for setup & teardown?

Depending on the package that you create most of the time we only need an hour or two to setup. Our team is very professional and we will make sure that we are ready to setup and teardown during the allotted time given by the venue, to assure that no additional charges fall onto your plate.

Can I help design the Custom Monogram?

Of-course, this is your special day and we are here to assist you not takeover, unless you instruct us otherwise. We will design multiple style Custom Monograms based on your input and make any adjustments you would like along the way. You will select the final Custom Monogram to be used at your wedding or special occasion. Keep in mind our custom monograms can have more than one color in the design as well (not many companies can do that, and still make it affordable).

My DJ/Venue/Photo Booth/Friend/Cousin offers uplighting at a lower price, WHY?

You have a lot of options when it comes to uplighting. Unfortunately this is usually because they use older style fixtures, which means the color options are limited, the light isn't as vibrant, the light fixtures are usually larger (meaning more visible to your guest), and wireless/intelligent lighting is not an option. Now with that said we do recognize that everyone has a budget, so give us a call and we will see what we can do to help you.

Do you have insurance?

We definitely have insurance. Most venues require this, so it is important that you verify that your selected vendors carry insurance for everyones protection.

What colors for lighting may I select?

We can color mix using the built in bright LED's in our lights, which means the color possibilities are endless. You tell us what color you want and we will make it happen. We can even provide Ultra Violet uplighting around the room (Black Lighting). This will add a glow around the room, which is great for dancing. Whats even more spectacular is the fact that the lights can be setup up on an intelligent wireless system and can change color throughout the event to offer a different feel throughout the night. Talk about setting the mood...

Will someone be available during my event for assistance?

We allow you to tell us whether or not you would like a lighting designer onsite during the duration of your event. If you want intelligent lighting setup (meaning you want the lights to change color at some point during the event) we will arrange for someone to be onsite. There is a small charge associated with this service.


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